The Journey Online

Founded in 2012 by Nayoka Oware, The Journey Online is an online channel with the primary objective to inspire, in addition to encouraging, motivating and entertaining our audience.

This is done through our tell all and exclusive interviews with artistes, actors, civil servants and more, who share their story. We communicate the message that irrespective of the challenges you will face and hurdles you will have to jump over, if they have done it, then so can you!

The Journey online has five categories:

The Journey Exclusives
Interviews with established entertainers, performers and actors who share their journey to success. 

The Journey - T2T (Trial to Triumph)
An interview with upcoming and established entrepreneurs, civil servants, dignitaries and more who retell their trial to triumph encounter/s. The message communicated is:

“My success didn't happen overnight, but it did happen."

The Journey - Street Talk (vox-pops)
Newsworthy issues are taken to the street in search of answers from the general public (e.g. faith, tax, unemployment, fashion, health, beauty, the youth, relationships and more).

The Journey's Peu Sur le Cote series 
(*Translation: Bit on the Side). This is where Nayoka expresses her views on various issues and she does NOT hold back...

Close Up with Nayoka & a special guest...
Created to offer support to a Football Foundation and various charities in Africa,

Nayoka hosts her celebrity guest in front of an audience – there is laughter, a Q&A segment and a few surprises to wrap up the show, not forgetting that a percentage of the proceeds from the ticket sales, is given to the charities.


King Promise

Sister Deborah